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Here is the slideshow from Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session.  We had a great time eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot cocoa with the girls.  We love how Andy and Sarah have some cute Scandinavian traditions they are doing with their family.  The girls’ grandma picked out these adorable Christmas dresses for them.   Hope […]

Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session – Des Moines Children’s Christmas ...

Here is the slideshow from Charlotte’s Fall Grins and Giggles Session.  It’s amazing how much Charlotte has changed and we’ve felt so privileged to be able to photograph her during this time.  We are sure she is going to be a great big sister when her new baby sister arrives this month. Check back sometime […]

Grins and Giggles: Andy, Sarah, Charlotte and “Plus One” Slideshow

We had Charlotte’s Grins and Giggles Session about a month ago.   2 year olds are so much fun!  Despite the cold temperatures, we found a lot to do. Charlotte was in this tutu for almost the whole session.   She loved it.  I suspect we have a future ballerina. Love this sweet moment between […]

Charlotte’s Grins and Giggles Session